Journey Into the Cult of a CRAZY Cold-Hearted Conspiracy Against Children in Colorado with a CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER ~ Plus Kimberly Kay Bowman's Confessions to Clinically-Ill Criminal Behavior along with a Well-Documented Lengthy & Unfortunate History of Harassment.

Go to for the TRUTH! Listen to hours of recordings with the police about the crimes Kim Kay is involved in.

February 22, 2013

Kimberly Kay Bowman & Her CRAZY Cold-Hearted Conspiracy Against Children ~ Plus Kim's Confessions to Criminal Behavior

"It's only a MURDER if you can find a body, otherwise it's...
just a Missing Person." ~ CMCF 

Colorado Missing Children

*First read:
Kimberly Kay Bowman Confesses to a CPS Conspiracy Against My Family ~ In The Saga of the Kekoa's Vs. Denver Bible Church ~ Plus A DBC LIST of *KROOKS*

  A LONG OVER-DUE Praise Report of Social Services: All Allegations of Child Abuse & Neglect = UNFOUNDED ~ Plus *PROOF* of the False Alerts Online

Character Reference Letter to Adams County Social Services for the Kekoas - by Kimberly Kay Bowman
 (This is the only time when Kim told the Truth about our reputation, back when we were friends - Before I knew she was CRAZY. This was over 3 years ago when I was stupid enough to get suckered into a friendship, took pity on her pathetic situation and ended up testifying in court on her behalf so she could obtain custody of her two granddaughters - A dozen other character references from members of Denver Bible Cult say something similar in good light of our family, then Bob's toxic deception warped everyone's view and they were all given over to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, speaking lies in hypocrisy with a seared conscience.)

Where ENVY and Self-Seeking Exist, Confusion & Every EVIL thing are there!

Journey into the mind of a criminal psychopath conspiracy killer and clinically-ill BPD CRAZY LADY....In addition to using dozens of fake identities, "Kimberly Kay Bowman" is responsible for creating the Missing Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster, CO page on Facebook (now deleted).  Interesting Fact - This page was launched at 9:21pm, just six minutes after the Amber Alert and less than 60 seconds from when WestminsterPD Tweeted the alert. Things were suspicious right away when I got banned for posting tips about the Convicted Child-Abuser, Pastor Bob Enyart in Arvada, and others got banned for asking how Kim knew the Ridgeway family and asked where the money was going.

NOW "Kimberly" is under the hot microscope AGAIN, not only for taking nearly $30,000 worth of donations from the Ridgeway family and making a phony organization after conspiring with Jessica's KILLER, but also Dylan Redwine's family has asked Kimberly Kay Bowman to delete the Facebook page she made for the missing boy who disappeared from southwestern Colorado on Nov. 19th before Thanksgiving.

It's TRUE: Kimberly Kay Bowman's efforts are truly driven by her cold-dark heart and led by God's Mighty hand with a gold ring in her snout right into the hands of justice for Righteous Judgement.  Yes it's CRAZY alright, but crooked criminals never win, Kim and you messed with the wrong friend!

Kim and her 4th husband Scott Bowman have been involved in a ShadowGov criminal conspiracy with convicted child-abuser, Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church in Arvada, CO to take children away from their parents and they have been deeply involved with the man who kidnapped & dismembered Jessica - THIS IS SICK & TWISTED!

 Oct 17, 2012 - Watch video of "Kimberly" getting a tattoo at a benefit for Jessica Ridgeway & touching her depraved heart.

 Nov 7, 2012 - KDVR - Ridgeway family orders Kimberly Kay Bowmans Colorado’s Missing Children Foundation to stop using Jessica’s name
When Fox 31 Denver reached Rebecca Ridgeway, Jessica's Aunt, she said this: "They’re liars,” Ridgeway said. “Tell the public this is not about the money. This is about the fact Jessica’s name and image is not theirs to use.”

TRUTH: Kim is the EVIL, Greedy, Scandalous hog who is exploiting the tragedy of a dead girl and other missing children for profit to cover-up her criminal involvement with Enyart - Do NOT be deceived, these people  are NOT Christians, they are  SHAMELESS LIARS for JESUS = "Christian" CRIMINALS & FRAUDS!  (*Be sure to read the KDVR comment thread too - HA!)

*Read posts relating to the Jessica Ridgeway case:

 *Want to know some of what this "pro-life pastor" Bob Enyart has to hide???

*Austin Reed Sigg is connected to Bob Enyart - The Mastermind who organized the abduction:


Here's more *PROOF* of Kimberly Kay Bowman's CRAZY Cold-Hearted Conspiracy against the Kekoas - EVIDENCE DOESN'T LIE - GUILTY CRIMINALS DO:

 - 02-11-2012 -- GUILTY KIMBERLY KAY BOWMAN -- All in the name of God, the Saga of Kekoa's Vs. Denver Bible Church - Kim Confesses to a CPS Conspiracy - Deleted Post 

02-21-2012 -- GUILTY KIMBERLY KAY BOWMAN - Still Waiting for Confirmation Camp Kekoa X-Posing Bob Enyart & Denver Bible Church - Deleted Post

- 02-24-2012 -- GUILTY KIMBERLY KAY BOWMAN -- More Rantings From the Darkside Camp Kekoa X-Posing Bob Enyart & Denver Bible Church - Deleted Post

 - 02-25-2012 -- GUILTY KIMBERLY KAY BOWMAN - Let's Break It Down Camp Kekoa X-Posing Bob Enyart & Denver Bible Church - Deleted Post

 - 02-27-2012 DEATH THREAT to the Kekoas from *CRAZY* on Facebook

 - 02-28-2012 - Kimberly Kay Bowman Confesses to having (BPD) Borderline Personality Disorder - Writing the Song of My Life - PROOF from Deleted Blog

And that's just what Kim was dumb enough to put her name to.  On Feb 29, 2012 the Homeschooling Pothead Parents Destroy Children's Minds Facebook mock page was launched along with at least half a dozen other hate pages, including the "Kult of Konspiracy" blog dedicated to defaming the character of our family on a daily basis for months. (Now all deleted, but we saved thousands of snap shots of everything.)

Follow the comments on this thread & below for more facts about this scandal, including vulgar emails and more threats from the Bowmans...

*Google "Kimberly Kay Bowman" for fun!

Hopefully the cops will ask this "Kay Wherever" person some more questions? Check out this provocative Facebook comment on the Westminster PD page the second week of Oct 2012 just days after Jessica Ridgeway was abducted in response to who organized it – 

"Perp is someone in their community...A serial child predator efficient at killing... Probably been stalking the kids...Why behead a body unless it's to... keep as a trophy or sexual deviancy (like Ted Bundy). Maybe perp taped acts & will post on sicko child pedophile internet sites...Maybe this is the same child sex predator who killed Jonbenet Ramsey & was never caught?" 

Looks like someone we know is paying very close attention to the puzzling details in the clues that break the case. The initials J.R. sure are another coincidence. Hey KIM KAY - call Westminster PD and tell them what you know -WE DID! 303-658-4336

 *Read comments below for more BREAKING NEWS & Clues That Break The Case in the Kim Kay Konspiracy...


***UPDATE - 2 YEARS LATER 2014***


On JULY 16, 2012 -- Westminster Police Detective Dave Galbraith meets with Curtis Kekoa to discuss the self-inflicted vandalism done by the leaders of PersonhoodUSA, Keith & Jennifer Mason to their own home as a publicity stunt after failing to get $250,000 from their "pro-life" supporters and to discuss other criminal activity done by the Masons. *Watch (Over 1 FULL HOUR of PROOF) => 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS

ANTI-CHOICE, ANTI-GOVERNMENT & ANTI-POT PREACHER IN COLORADO WANTED FOR MURDER - GOT PROOF?  PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado.  Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted, murdered and dismembered by an "experienced killer," and NOW history is repeating itself AGAIN as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov "small foreign faction" organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.

Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith at 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this important info...

For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit:


  1. As we have exposed Enyart's *Kult of Konspiracy* and the Bowman's criminal involvement over the past year we have received dozens of nasty, vulgar emails and threats from both sides - here's the most recent example of why we HATE Kim and Scott Bowman:

    ---------- Email message ----------
    From: Scott Bowman
    Date: Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 11:23 PM

    "HEY CUNT RAG!!!!!!!! LOOKS LIKE I HAVE TO REPORT YOUR HARASSING EMAILS TO THE POLICE AGAIN!!!!! You two are about fucked up as the come, go hang yourselves, DOPE DRUG ADDICT fuckheads, better yet, put a bullet in your big FFFFFAAATTTTTTT mouth!!!!!!"

    From: Scott Bowman
    Date: Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 10:45 AM

    "People hate Kim because she was trying to do good deeds, (unlike many we know) but Kim has way more suppot than not. She has done absolutely nothing wrong, YOU STUPID FOOLS!!! I'm sure the higher ups really told you fools anything, they already think you're WACKO! So FUCK OFF and go away or go meet me somewhere, PUSSY BITCH, AND MAN CUNT!"


    Your wife, Kim is a universally despised woman because she is nothing more than a slimy fat swine with a shiny gold ring in her nose who profits off of the pain of others. Good Deeds??? Name one! Who are you trying to fool? That's NOT what the victims families of the kids you kidnapped & murdered think....certainly not why the Ridgeway's sent you a cease & desist letter. That's not why Dylan Redwine's family doesn't want Kim's perverted help, that not what thousands of angry FB fans think, nor is it what the news reported, and that's definitely NOT what the cops think about Kim either....GO ASK THEM! ~ READY for more PROOF punks? It's coming...YOU'RE GOING TO BE HATED EVEN MORE???

    1. If you tell the TRUTH long enough, often enough and loud enough, people will believe it... *Department of Homeland Security Recording on 2-25-2014 - PLEASE SHARE re: Domestic Terrorist ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART FBI# 678532LA7 | = "Small Foreign Faction" | Watch & Listen here: = "Small Foreign Faction" founder, "Pro-Life Pastor" and "Christian" radio-show host Bob Enyart Live has a long violent criminal history with a conviction of conspiracy and two convictions of "cruelty toward child", plus Bob Enyart has an FBI# - why the fuck won't the police or the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation go talk to this dangerous domestic terrorist with the FBI# about these high profile violent crimes?

      Call toll free 1-800-8-ENYART - DOB: 1-10-59 | FBI# - 678532LA7 | CO License# - CO368941 | Social Security# 152-60-4382


      Still waiting after over a year for the "Small Foreign Faction" DNA Secrets to be Revealed and Justice to be served to the "Group of Individuals" responsible for these HIGH PROFILE MURDERS!

      GOT PROOF? Listen to hours of recordings with the police:

  2. Anonymous2/23/2013

    Wow! This is super long when you get into all the links. I think it took me about an hour and of course I didn't even get into the last set of links. I just went into enough to refresh my memory a little bit and went over all the comments. The links I didn't go through I pretty much remembered. This is one crazy long story!

    I would like to see you explain how you know that "The Super Psycho Killer" is really Doug McBurney, or if it's just assumed because of stuff you know about him. Also, I do understand that based on what you do know and stuff you just assume, it is better to be on the safe side and protect potential future victims. I completely agree with that.

    Some say it's convenient for you to accuse them because of what they did and it's nothing more than a perfect dose of their own medicine. But what if it's not that simple? What if she is really truly on to something? She should not be silent of the possibilities just because the whole world looks at her strange. I think Dani has a big heart. She carries the weight of all this on her shoulders while she is frowned upon by the people who'd rather hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil, and call it having good Christian character. Some of the way's she handles her words towards those conspirators, well, let's just say looks highly questionable. But that's when some people just need to shut their judgmental thoughts up and try to put themselves in her shoes. I think we would all come to find out that none of us can handle being tortured in this sort of way by the people that should have loved her the most. Nobody can honestly accuse a mother that has raised six wonderful children, purposefully, of wickedness. It's not wicked to let your claws out towards the people who tried to have her children taken away and then God knows what else was the intention after that. If this is true that Bob Enyart tried to maliciously take her children away and the mindless drones helped, well we don't turn the other cheek. We put an end to it! People could say what they want about me too! They can treat me like hell but when it comes to putting my children into the hands of people that is not in their best interest, well, it's going to be over my dead body! And God gave real mamas and papas lots of unbelievable amounts of adrenaline to take down the enemies. Hallelujah!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read all those links, Mrs A - it certainly paints a disturbing pattern over the years of dangerous behavior that puts children's lives at risk. We have been screaming "bloody murder" about Bob & the Bowmans and unfortunately the law did not take us seriously, and now we have bloody murder with Jessica Ridgeway & potentially Dylan Redwine.

      We were insiders for nearly a decade so we know these people very intimately, and NOW we are whistleblowers because their "pro-life" serial killing gig has been exposed. The ONLY people who would act out and threaten us are the GUILTY group of individuals responsible.

      *DEATH THREAT ALERT: TheSuperPsychoKiller is Doug McBurney. he's been Bob's co-host & ShadowGov partner in crime for decades and Doug is friends of the Bowmans. A few months ago he was demonstrating his guilty murderous rage on YouTube after we told him the FBI is coming for his DNA - Doug also is under investigation for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey with Bob Enyart in Boulder, CO on Christmas day 1996. Bob's ShadowGov assassins are also responsible for the RAPE & MURDER & DISMEMBERMENT of Jessica Ridgeway from Westminster - Austin Reed Sigg is just a pawn in this high;y sophisticated, Satanic child-abduction ring in Denver - Read Doug McBurney's violent PsychopathKiller comments towards the Kekoas below....

      TheSuperPsychoKiller has replied to your comment on Real Crime: Who Killed the Pageant Queen? Part 1

      See comment thread here *USE CAUTION - VULGAR LANGUAGE*


  3. The BOWMANS (and ENYARTS) are phenomenally stupid people....hundreds, if not thousands of reports & tips went in about Kim Bowman YET the Westminster PD has not come for their inbred DNA yet? Wonder why? Good, because they will, THEY'RE SAVING THE WORST FOR'll happen at about 4am-ish someday SOON when they serve warrants on ALL OF will be a VERY UNPLEASANT experience, unlike the other 700+ times when the cops just asked for DNA and everyone complied - because they were interested in finding the KILLERS.....while you SCOTT BOWMAN and KIM BOWMAN and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART were only interested stealing money from the Ridgeways.

    You people SCOTT BOWMAN, KIM BOWMAN and ROBERT ADOLPH ENYART DOB 1/10/59 are extreme morons and GUILTY CRIMINALS, especially when EVERYONE EXCEPT FOR YOU KNOWS the Westminster PD, CBI and FBI are monitoring everything you do including what's happening on this thread. GUILTY. STUPID. CRIMINALS.

    BTW, Kim looks like hell......I mean HELL, as if ENYART was dictating every move that she makes in much the same way ENYART controlled KEITH AND JENNIFER MASON of PERSONHOOD USA right before that FRAUDULENT ORGANIZATION went down like the Titanic that took KEITH AND JENNIFER WITH THEM. Hey KIM AND SCOTT BOWMAN, you got a lot to look forward to including PRISON. They love illiterate whiteboy trash like you SCOTT in PRISON.

    ...tick tock knock knock FOOLS. And if you haven't noticed yet, EVERYONE HATES THE BOWMAN pigs.

    Google "Robert Adolph Enyart Arrest Record" - "Enyart Sigg" - "Enyart Scott Kim Bowman"

  4. These were my comments that got Kim Bowman & her master, Bob Enyart all flustered about Dylan Redwine:

    This boy "disappeared" because some sick twisted group of individuals took him for their own perverse agenda while blaming a broken family. Google "Bob Enyart Kimberly Kay Bowman Conspiracy" or go to for the TRUTH!

    Has the FBI questioned Kimberly Kay Bowman or pastor Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO off 72nd & Oak street? He'll be teaching & deceiving till noon today at the pulpit.

    Obviously the Redwine family was targeted and is now being victimized again & wrongly accused.
    Criminal BPD - Kimberly Kay Bowman & her husband Scott have been involved in a criminal conspiracy, child-killing ring with a known convicted child abuser in Arvada, CO. "Pro-Life Pastor" Bob Enyart is the religious psychopath who organized the abduction & dismemberment of Jessica Ridgeway. Enyart is connected to the 17 yr-old gamer, Austin Reed Sigg too - Google it. Currently the Ridgeways filed suit against the Bowmans for fraud & the Redwine family also ask Kim to take down the FB page she made. This group of indiviuals has a long history of violent crime against children so the FBI is looking into it. *Also Google "Bob Enyart ShadowGov Small Foreign Faction" to learn more.

    "Kimberly" Kay Bowman & her 4th husband Scott Bowman are under criminal investigation by the FBI for taking donations from the Ridgeway family & making a phony FB page after conspiring with Jessica's KILLER. Kim & her husband Scott have also been involved in a conspiracy to take kids away from their parents & they've been deeply involved w/ the man who kidnapped & dismembered Jessica - RELIGIOUS PSYCHOPATH KILLERS-Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult is the Charles Manson of this murder ring & he is likely responsible for Dylan too.

    The majority of the "anonymous" comments on this thread aimed at vilifying Dylan's family are likely from the kidnappers. This is a criminal patern that has gone on for decades. *NEWS ALERT: The JonBenet Ramsey Murderer has returned! The MONSTER behind Denver Bible Cult & "pro-life" PersonhoodUSA is guilty of MURDER- PLEASE: Do NOT be deceived by the recent arrest in the Missing Jessica Ridgeway from CO kidnapping, murder & dismemberment case-There is a sophisticated larger underground ShadowGov conspiracy in this child-killing Satanic ring of ritualistic abuse against kids involving countless unknown political assassins led by Convicted Child-Abuser "Pastor" Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Cult in Arvada, CO. $20,000 Says Bob Enyart, Doug McBurney & Kimberly Kay Bowman know what happened to Dylan Redwine.

    The attacks on the Redwine family are by design and they are likely written by the very criminals who know where Dylan is. Kimberly Kay Bowman, Bob Adolph Enyart & Doug McBurney should be the #1 suspects. They spend their entire lives trying to destroy families then they make fake hate pages & use fake IDs to spread disinfo & rumors to steer away the investigation and further defame the character of an already hurting family.

  5. Here's where Kim confessed to a conspiracy to take our kids with a CONVICTED CHILD ABUSER in Arvada -

    "I have come to realize that since I became one of the back-biting evil Bobots that conspired against the Kekoa's I would become a fly on the wall...."

    Perhaps Kimberly Kay Bowman would like to explain to the COPS why she conspired against the Kekoas with members of Denver Bible Church?
    Conspiracy is a CRIME, ya know? Ever heard of "cached copy" Kim? Looks like you'll be testifying in court after all...just like old times, friend - except the tables are turned now and I'm gonna take back my witness testimony!

    02-11-2012 --- All in the name of God, the Saga of Kekoa's Vs. Denver Bible Church - Kim Confesses to a CPS Conspiracy - (Deleted Post)

    *GOT PROOF? - HISTORY of HARASSMENT 2011-2013 - by Pastor Bob Enyart Denver Bible Church Conspiracy Against the Kekoas - *Kult of Konspiracy* & Homeschooling Pothead Parents Mock Hate Pages
    - Plus IP Addresses, Fake IDs, Private Emails & Hundreds More to come...

    It's a brand NEW Year so that means it's "DOCUMENT DUMP" TIME - YAY! 2013 will be a year of CALAMITY for our enemies, and we are looking forward to Mocking when their TERROR comes!

    Check out the **Growing Gallery of "PROOF" 2011-2013** (over 1,000 items & counting) documenting a very dangerous and disturbing pattern of POST-MURDER behavior by Bob Enyart and his demonic followers. More files will continue to be uploaded onto Google Docs until these Child-Killing Criminals are completely X-Posed and brought to Justice!

  7. Hopefully the cops will ask this "Kay Wherever" person some more questions? Check out this provocative Facebook comment on the Westminster PD page the second week of Oct 2012 just days after Jessica Ridgeway was abducted in response to who organized it - "A serial child predator who stalks people and who likely made snuff films to post on pervo websites after "beheading" and dismembering a child - and possibly the return of the Jonbenet Ramsey murderer??"

    Looks like someone we know is paying very close attention to the puzzling details in the clues that break the case. The initials J.R. sure are another coincidence.

  8. From the Find Missing Dylan Redwine Facebook Page

    Good Morning Warriors! We need all of Team Dylan to please pay attention to this post:
    The national and worldwide attention on this case has brought out some of the very best in humanity and restored my faith. It truly fills my heart with joy to know that there are still so many caring souls in world. Thank you all for loving Dylan as much as we do.
    Unfortunately, it has also brought out the worst in people, it's a very small minority but it's enough that it is causing Dylan's family grief. Right from the moment word was out that Dylan was missing these individuals began pressuring the family to allow them to get involved. They established a page that was separate from this official page and began using that page as a means to bash the family at every opportunity because the family refused to allow them involvement.
    The family refused their involvement because these very individuals also caused the Jessica Ridgeway family so much grief and began using their little girls image to profit without providing the family or the Ridgeway foundation the funds that were raised. The Ridgeway family had to have judge issue a cease and desist. The Redwine family had to have the bogus page shut down, you can google and find news reports about this. Since then they have put up yet another page. They post hateful things about the family and the admins of this page on that page, just long enough to let the world see, and then remove them before facebook can see them and shut them down. I could write a novel about the damage they have done, not only to this family but the Ridgeway family and other families of missing children - but I have neither the time nor space.

    We are in the process of raising money for an attorney to file legal charges against these people. We would like to get them charged for the sake of all missing children out there. The time and money that is drawn away from these teams looking for these missing children to deal with the antics of these individuals is shameful.
    Please, please do not support these people in any way shape or form. They have also threatened people who have posted to the page, to the point of trying to have them fired from their jobs. They find private personal information about people who post (pictures, addresses, phone numbers) and then post it publicly for the world to see.
    Do not order items from them - even if they say it's free. They should not be using Dylan's image for anything without his mother's permission. PERIOD.


    Their current page is called the DYLAN REDWINE NEWS page.


    Use that page at your own risk.

    On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 12:18 PM, Kirk Z wrote:
    Given how dangerous those in question obviously are, I think I'd stop provoking them. One of them might try to abduct your children and use them in their snuff films or child sacrifice ceremonies. No doubt, all in question are heavily armed and experts at seducing children. You're exposing yourself and your family to great risk by continuing to engage them. Don't take any more chances!

    1. Well thanks for sharing, "Kirk" - Certainly reveals more about the ShadowGov's sadistic obsession with children's private parts & underage sex, eh?
      My guess is that pedophiles like Pastor Enyart, Doug McBurney, Scott Bowman & the other inbred rejects at Denver Bible Cult probably all have serious genital identity problems, embarrassing impotent issues OR perhaps just a really, really tiny penis, that's why they can't keep a wife, why they violently garrote and rape little princesses with wooden paint brush handles and why they sodomize mutilated torsos with other foreign large objects. Sure wouldn't want their tiny victims to laugh at them before being attacked - hehe, whata wittle wee-wee. LOL!

      See - Like most serial child killers and satanic rapists, they are incredibly insecure with their own manhood, hence, the hereditary Enyart *man-boob* problem, heavy set hairy walrus appeal and facial feature defects apparent within the group of individuals. These closet-case queer assassins clearly suffer from pent up rage because they can't get it up in the drug fueled orgie sessions, so that's why these catamite fags make snuff films to mentally masturbate & jerk off at their perverse achievements which can continually feed their chronic lustful addiction and dark deviant desires. Can't wait till their hard drives & electric devices are scanned for all that child porn stored & the FBI finds what's been hiding in their crawl spaces, rental homes and other storage sheds hidden abroad with chopped up bodies in big barrels of acid. Go ahead and dispose of the evidence if you the FBI and top private investigators in the US haven't already been aware of EVERYTHING each one of you do while lurking in the Shadows since last least.

      ONE DAY ALL SECRETS WILL BE REVEALED....Have a cursed communion at church, CRIMINALS!
      VICTORY ~ Dani
      X-Pose the TRUTH:

    2. On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 12:53 PM, Kirk Zimpfer wrote:
      Just a thought -- have you considered your mother might have made a pact, probably in blood since that is how Satanists operate, with the DBC cult to turn you into CPS? After gaining custody of your children, she then would have turned them over to the cult and Bowmans to use them in their rituals and to feed their own perverse desires. If you believe everything you have been posting about DBC, Bob and the Bowmans, you have consider that a possibility. And, if all that is true, you are in way, way over your head and endangering your family by continuing to provoke the cult and its members. What you're doing is continuing to stick your hand into a bee hive and hoping not to get stung.

      I beg you to move, out of state if possible but at least to another location, turn over any additional information to the police, and never, ever, ever have contact with members of DBC, its leader or the Bowmans again. The danger is to great for you and your family to continue having contact with those in question again.

  10. Anonymous3/04/2013

    If in fact Kirk is a troll then it's reasonable to assume he/she is subtly threatening you, trying to quiet you. But your family is protected by God through prayer as well as guns. If they did anything to your kids there would be hard evidence to seal the case.

  11. Bob Enyart TROLL is freaking out...."Kirk" sent this to the cops too.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Kirk Z
    Date: Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 3:25 PM
    Subject: Re: THREAT from "Kirk Zimpfer" (Enyart & Bowman TROLL) - Satanic Blood Pact "The danger is to great for you and your family.."
    To: Dani Kekoa , BOULDER PD ,, Det JDavidson NORTHGLENN PD, "", WESTMINSTER PD,

    I am glad you did. Now, the police should arrest YOU for making a false complaint. The charges you have made against Bob Enyart, Scott and Kimberly Bowman, Doug McBurney, the Masons and others from Denver Bible Church are ABSOLUTELY NO different than a woman calling 911 to ask the police to bring her cigarettes.

    My comments merely were made as a means of mocking the absurd and false allegations you have made claiming Mr. Enyart killed JoBenett Ramsey or that Kimberly Bowman was embezzling money from the foundation she started to try and help find missing children. Or the email you sent me claiming members of Denver Bible Church were pedophiles abducting children. If you really believed all that, you should afraid of them and should move. But, you know all those accusations are lies, lies designed to harass those in question because you believe they turned you into children protective services.

    You've posted the phone numbers, addresses, social security numbers and license plate numbers of those in question all over the internet in hopes of provoking some psycho to attack them. That something else that needs to be stopped via a restraining order.

    It is past time local enforcement arrested you for wasting their time with your vendetta against those in question. Repeatedly making false charges to law enforcement is a criminal act.

    I beg your local law enforcement agency to put end to all this by arresting you.

  12. "Kirk" also sent this to BoulderPD, WestminsterPD & NorthglennPD - This would be GREAT if the cops came to "arrest us" - he's scared to death and desperate. LYING to the about projection.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Kirk Z
    Date: Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 3:30 PM
    Subject: Re: Another THREAT from BOB ENYART & KIM KAY BOWMAN - TROLL Kirk: Genital Issues? --

    Please do contact this woman. Come to her home and arrested from repeatedly reporting false accusations and wasting valuable police time.


    On Mon, Mar 4, 2013 at 3:41 PM, Kirk Z wrote:

    Is filing a false police report a crime?

    Filing a false police report can lead to multiple criminal consequences. Many states call this charge "false report to a peace officer." It is one of the few types of speech that is not constitutionally protected. Lying to a law enforcement officer can result in a criminal conviction.

    Depending on where you live and the extent of the deception, the criminal charge of filing a false police report can either be a misdemeanor or a felony. Cases that cause less inconvenience to police and other authorities tend to be classified as misdemeanors, while people who create greater confusion or harm by filing a false police report may face felony charges.


    What is considered filing a false police report will vary slightly by state, but it’s generally what the name implies—lying to the police. Most people pick up a filing of a false report charge by make affirmative statements that are clearly false. For example, saying that your husband hit you as leverage to be used in a divorce, when he never committed an assault. This isn't an uncommom example. However, filing a false report can also arise out of material omissions which create a false impression.

  13. READ TRUE STORY by Rita Quigley DeRego - MISSING DYLAN REDWINE: Now It's Gotten BEYOND Ugly with Kimberly Kay & Scott Bowman


    Seems like history is repeating itself with a rampant Internet gossip system aimed at misdirecting the investigation and falsely accusing the family....the allegations from someone in the Dr. Phil audience about Mark Redwine's sexual fetishes or a "relative" that both Dylan and his brother Cory, had supposedly accidentally discovered pictures of the father's fetish semi-recently sounds awfully familiar to the false allegations against John & Patsy Ramsey...who were PROVEN INNOCENT in the MURDER of their daughter JonBenet in 1996. UNLESS the Dr. Phil show or a family member goes on record to confirm that as fact, it's highly doubtful those claims are true, just more disinfo to misdirect the investigation in finding Dylan Redwine.

    Here are a couple quotes to consider:

    "When an innocent child is killed in her own home and the response of the justice system is as defective as it had been in JonBenet's case, all hope dies as well. A killer, compounded by a defective Police Department, a rampant Internet gossip system, and an irresponsible news industry willing to print and say anything that makes a story, had destroyed our dreams for the future. Our innocence had died." ~ John & Patsy Ramsey, The DEATH of INNOCENCE 2001

    Like the BTK killer once said in the book Unholy Messenger, he had “always been amazed at how easily the police and the public could be misled, by just a few misdirected clues. People weren’t nearly as smart as they thought they were.”

    The Police in at least six jurisdictions are fully aware of Kimberly Kay Bowman's conspiracy against kids...the only question is WHEN will Law enforcement act to stop more innocent lives from being destroyed?

  14. A Google search of "Enyart Sigg" shows a connection between Robert Adolph Enyart (1/10/59) and Austin Reed Sigg on the following web page:

    This appears to be a local YMCA baseball roster which was last modified May 27, 2008. The roster shows Robert Adolph Enyart's three youngest sons -- Dominic, Michael and Zachary -- listed as players with Austin Reed Sigg's younger brother, Parker Sigg. This website says it has moved to

    Also, I just learned that Austin Reed Sigg's father, Robert Sigg, was involved in some mortgage scam in 2006. From what I've been told by Robert Adolph Enyart, his nephew, Sean Enyart, was also involved in a mortgage scam in 2006. According to Robert Adolph Enyart, Sean Enyart had stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from two of his cousins, Brian Enyart Jr and Josiah Enyart, Robert Adolph Enyart's oldest son. Sean left Brian Jr and Josiah severely "underwater" on some condos near Yosemite St and Colfax in Aurora. Brian Jr still owns at least one of those condos, and in the last three years, it was raided by SWAT at least once. In 2007, Robert Adolph Enyart told my wife and I that he was "writing a letter" to some kind of mortgage authority in Colorado. I don't think anything ever happened to Sean, and Brian and Josiah didn't report Sean to the authorities since they both knew it was a fraudulent deal from the start. However, I now suspect that Robert Adolph Enyart was involved with Sean Enyart scamming his two cousins. Robert Adolph Enyart is the type of man to hurt his own children and family for his own benefit because he has no conscience. He had a restraining order against him in 1996 (Adams County) for beating Josiah, and he's been convicted twice of beating his wife's son, Stephen Mayns, when he was 7 years old (1995,1999 Jeffco). Stephen Mayns is now on the Jeffco SWAT.

    Robert Adolph Enyart is a dangerous conman behind a few rackets, and I believe he is connected to Austin Reed Sigg. Sigg reminds one of John Mark Karr, and in my opinion, this crime -- strangulation/dismemberment etc -- is far too complex for a single person to commit let alone an inexperienced 17 y/o boy who couldn't sneak attack a jogger. There is more than one person involved, and my impression is that law enforcement knows this. Also, today is the VERY FIRST time Robert Adolph Enyart has EVER mentioned Jessica on his 30-minute radio show. ( He didn't sound confident at all. I think Enyart's behind Sigg's confession to his mother, a hopeless attempt at diverting suspicion away from Enyart and whoever else is involved like his cohost, Doug McBurney. Also, McBurney didn't cohost with Enyart the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday following Jessica's disappearance. Who knows where he was for those three days?

    Thanks for ALL your hard work in this case. We think you're doing a great job.

    -Curtis Kekoa
    -Danielle Kekoa

  15. $$ AUDIO AUCTION $$ - The Kekoa's Priceless Recordings
    HELP FUND OUR EFFORTS TO END CHILD-KILLING BY PUTTING BOB ENYART BEHIND BARS & X-POSING HIS LIES! The Kekoa's are planning an audio auction to reveal the many dark SECRETS of Denver Bible Cult so we have bcc'd hundreds of former "pro-life" supporters, local citizens and national media outlets to see who wants to hear more clues that break the case before the BIG BUST...Please give us your feedback: $$ - How much would you be willing to pay - $$ How much you think the media will pay?? $$
    $$ - PRICELESS - Hear the narcissistic injury that caused the rage which led to the jihad attack against the Kekoas in the soon-to-be famous Aug 29, 2011 recording where "pastor" Bob Enyart talks about his 2 dead ex-wives, his illicit meetings with that slut Susan Sutherland and the anti-biblical counsel to divorce - DBC elder & Deputy Sheriff Gordon Carroll demonstrated his limp-wrist rebuke then revealed more of the monstrously contagious underground network which is sure to entice the fans - $$ (Over 1hr)
    $$ - What about the recordings of our meeting with Susan Sutherland from Sept 2011 where she reveals her true reasons for wanting to divorce?? $$ (Over 1hr) - Sure paints an ugly picture of a miserable ungodly woman who had obvious financial interests in getting rid of Mark, hence the $500,000 life insurance policy that didn't go through after Curtis saved Mark from committing suicide. $$
    $$ - Wanna here how the Kekoas received a gold star UNFOUNDED report for our Social Services recording in Oct 2011? $$ (Over 2hrs) $$ - What should be the going for that prize? $$
    $$ - Or the recordings in our living room from the meetings in Nov 2011 that we had with Denver Bible Church members? $$ (Almost 2hrs) - Apparently Bob's flock of failures aren't as loyal as he thinks - Ask the sell-outs, Ken & Jo Scott - they've been in the ShadowGov for decades. $$
    $$ - Dani also personally had a bunch of juicy calls and meetings with Danielle Duffy, Kim Bowman, Jen Mason, Rachel Troyer & Maxime Enyart that the public will certainly find most telling. Some DBC elders and their wives revealed very damning details about the rampant gossip system, along with the prescription drug use, abuse and criminal distribution among members at DBC. Some of Bob's followers shared their intentions once they learned of a CPS conspiracy against us...hopefully they will follow through and save themselves?
    $$ - Conversations with the Rohrboughs went really well too, wonder if Brian still stands by his words??..."You're not dealing with Christians....Bob Enyart is perhaps the most deceptive & dishonest man around...he's an EVIL guy." - $$ - YES, we record EVERYTHING! $$
    $$ - We also have dozens of conversations with the police in six jurisdictions, lawyers and private investigators too...what do ya think those are worth? $$ (from 5mins to 2hrs) - We will release those recordings publicly very by one....for the entire world and their grandma to hear and judge rightly.
    $$$ - One way or another, you're all gonna be FAMOUS as the MOST HATED GROUP in the WORLD! - $$$
    Submit your donation suggestions to the Kekoas via email and we'll auction each recording off to the highest bidder. Minimum of $100 purchase - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! ALL proceeds will go to fund the efforts to end Bob Enyart's serial child-killing career!

    VICTORY ~ Dani
    X-Pose the TRUTH:

  16. Pssst Pass it along...Rumor has it that Bob Enyart is losing his Denver Bible Church cult off 72nd & Oak st in Arvada....guess being known as a Satanic serial child killer & violent rapist in CO is bad for business, eh? Conning in the Name of the Lord not as easy these days? Remember pastor, "God hears every idle word..." and the FBI hears the rest as they watch your EVERY SINGLE MOVE. That's why it's always a good idea to tell the TRUTH.

    Question Class: If you stole over $30,000 from a dead girl's family last Oct & exploited another missing boy for cash months later, how do you still get evicted from your home? Too poor to pay rent? Awe - Leave it to white-trash tweakers who conspire with convicted child beaters & dirty deputies to FAIL at basic economics. LOSERS! Hahahaha! A good ol' fashion lesson in "You reap what you sow." - More calamity is coming cowards...& we are really looking forward to it!

    Now would be a super-duper good time to drink the Kool-Aid...just sayin'...and add a Ricin chaser to it for good measure mmmkay?


    More chilling revelations...thousands of people received this message...

    *TEAM RAPE* The Criminals behind PersonhoodUSA are Domestic Terrorists = "Pro-Life" Serial Child-Killers in CO - ShadowGov Assassins "Pastor" Bob Enyart & members of Denver Bible Cult - including Jennifer Mason, Kimberly Kay Bowman, Doug McBurney & Dirty Sheriff's Deputy Gordon Carroll in Arapahoe County.
    Police in 7 jurisdictions know about this "Small Foreign Faction" and so should you. Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc...

    VICTORY ~ Dani

  17. In honor of Mother's Day today, I present to you........

    TOP 6 WORST MOTHERS of the year.... What kind of mother conspires with a CONVICTED CHILD-ABUSER to harm an innocent family? Ask these disgraceful women:

    #6) Dani Kekoa's Mom: Stupid, Selfish Sherry Roberts went against her own daughter & six grandchildren to make multiple false reports of child abuse to Social Services to have the kids taken from the home, but her lies were UNFOUNDED! Now Sherry will die a lonely old hag knowing her only daughter hates her guts with a passion & prays for her kneecaps to get blown off so she can no longer run from her sick reflection & the problems it brings. You're right, mom, I am "not how you raised me to be." Thank God for that!

    #5) Sleeze-bag Susan Sutherland who is dried up & bitter after her illicit meetings with "pastor" Bob were exposed, her office affair with Drew flopped, then divorce with Mark became the goal. Susan got greedy & wanted her husband dead despite the needs of her children, but she lost the $500,000 life insurance when Mark failed to commit suicide as she & Bob planned, then her scandalous actions ultimately got her oldest son Matt, KILLED. Isn't that right, Susan?

    #4) Mentally-ill BPD Krazy Kidnapper Kimberly Kay Bowman who's an admitted drug addict, and thankfully had multiple abortions in between 4 failed marriages - saving those babies from suffering. Kim's shameful deeds are so depraved she's a great danger to her living children which is why her own daughter rejected her years ago. That pedophile preacher Bob willfully uses Kim who gets off on organizing abductions & murderous schemes then trolls around online exploiting missing & dead children with her white-trash doper partner, Scott. Drink the Kool-aid already, Kim, mmmkay?

    #3) Mrs. PersonhoodUSA, Jennifer Mason has an unhealthy online obsession & an adulterer husband who travels so she let the convicted child abuser rape her mind & sodomize her skull until her daughter stabbed herself in the eye from severe parental neglect. Dead eyes, cold soul & "negative energy" from mom = toxic danger. Wonder how long it will be before Jen's oldest daughter has to get an abortion after getting pregnant by daddy Keith or uncle Bob? Will they make an exception for rape & incest in the Mason case?

    #2) Sadistic 3rd wife, Cheryl Enyart who let her boyfriend Bobby beat her boy's bare butt before marrying that son of a b*tch so he could beat them some more. Then they had three more sons together to satisfy Bob's lustful appetite for young boys rear ends, child porn & snuff film production. Something is really deranged with that woman!

    #1 WORST MOTHER EVER...Speaking of that son of a b*tch, Connie Sharin gave birth to the spawn of Satan, named him Robert "Adolph" Enyart 666 after a Nazi dictator & nurtured him in the twisted environment of child sacrifices, blood sex orgies & regular Satanic Ritual Abuse ceremonies which groomed her son to be the most EVIL serial child-killer in the world. Connie should have taken a coat hanger & mutilated her womb a long time ago. May God wipe her descendants off the face of the earth, erase their name from the Book of Life & open up the fiery pits of Hell to swallow them down into the belly of the beast!

    Without these mothers, the world would be a better place for children to live.

    ~ Dani
    X-Pose the TRUTH

    Awe Kim & Scott, Paranoid much these days? Did your landlord in Arvada find out that you conspired with a convicted child-abuser and now you're wanted by the FBI for exploiting missing & dead children???....You're welcome LOSERS! NOW it's a public doc...give it to your lawyer & we'll see you in court tweakers!

  19. Question: What do these clinically-ill crazy women have in common? Jodi Arias & Kimberly Kay Bowman?
    Answer: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) - One minute she's sweet & sincere, the next minute she'll slit your throat - So Watch Out!

    Do not be deceived by the "religious" motives of these women or let them fool you...thankfully, sociopath Jodi Arias is facing DEATH for her murder conviction, but tragically Kim Bowman is still free exploiting missing & dead children while conspiring with a convicted child-abuser who is wanted for murder.

    X-Pose the TRUTH:


    Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) -- emotionally unstable personality disorder, borderline type -- a condition in which people have long-term patterns of unstable or turbulent emotions...intense and unstable interpersonal relationships, unstable self-image, feelings of abandonment and an unstable sense of self. People with BPD often engage in idealization and devaluation of themselves and of others...Impulsive behaviors are common, including: substance or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners...Manipulation to obtain nurturance is considered to be a common feature of BPD by many who treat the disorder...a special problem of psychotherapy with people with BPD is intense projection....


    Crazy Psychopath BPD Killers ALWAYS Project themselves --
    Psychological Projection -- is when a person unconsciously rejects his or her own unacceptable attributes by ascribing them to objects or persons in the outside world instead. Thus, projection involves psychically expelling one's negative qualities onto others, can also be established as an attempt to obtain or justifying certain actions that would normally be found unacceptable. This often means projecting false accusations, information, etc., onto an individual for the sole purpose of maintaining a self-created illusion...

    1. Who are the gaslighters in your lives?
      Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory and perception. It may simply be the denial by an abuser that previous abusive incidents ever occurred, or it could be the staging of bizarre events by the abuser with the intention of disorienting the victim.

      Cult leaders flamboyantly prancing about as *pastors* => These "psychopaths frequently use gaslighting tactics. Psychopaths consistently transgress social mores, break laws, and exploit others, but are also typically charming and convincing liars who consistently deny wrongdoing. Thus, some who have been victimized by sociopaths may doubt their perceptions."

      Identify the Psychopaths in your lives...

      Psychopathy is a personality or mental disorder characterized partly by antisocial behavior, a diminished capacity for remorse, and poor behavioral controls. Grandiose sense of self-worth, Pathological lying, Cunning/manipulative, Lack of remorse or guilt, Emotionally shallow, Callous/lack of empathy, Failure to accept responsibility for own actions, Many short-term marital relationships, Promiscuous sexual behavior, Criminal versatility...

  20. Looks like it's time to contact Chief Nelson of the Thornton Police since Enyart's trolls said they were such "good friends" - ONE YEAR AGO this week...NOW these folks are wanted for MURDER...if only the cops listened sooner???
    May 30, 2012
    Attention Chief Nelson - For 8 long months now, Curtis & Danielle Kekoa, parents of six in Northglenn, have been harassed by "anonymous" accusers & repeatedly falsely reported to Adams County Social Services on horrendous allegations of child-abuse & neglect. Our family was investigated & all charges of abuse were completely UNFOUNDED, yet false reports are still being made. Additionally, there have been on-going efforts since the beginning of 2011 by these "anonymous" parties to cover-up their criminal conspiracy by creating libelous & defamatory Facebook pages & blogs designed to incite violence, attack & slander the character of our family on a daily basis. Just yesterday, May 29, 2012 another false alert to Adams County Social Services was made on this Facebook page, "Please help me spread the word about these abusers with severe mental health issues..."

    The conspirators continue to spread lies online by posting alarming messages addressed to the public to alert Adams County Social Services again and re-investigate our family, allegedly because our children’s lives are in “danger”. You can see most of these messages in the comment sections on various news websites all over the Internet, like the Denver Post & Huffington Post..

    Thornton Police, Chief Nelson has been mentioned on this mock FB page a few times saying the local Thornton PD is "laughing" at the Kekoa family over our "paranoid delusions" with stacks of paperwork on file about us. In addition to posting dozens of demonic, pornographic, crude & vulgar images of our family & children, these "anonymous" people have published our personal info, license plates & home addresses calling the public out against us.
    On April 19, 2012, Chief Nelson was mentioned again with the Admin(s) of the Homeschooling Pothead FB page saying this, "Chief Nelson is a good friend of mine...he knows all about this family!".
    *View comment here =>

    If this is true, and the Chief "knows all about" the Kekoa family, we would like to know what "friends" of the Chief are running this mock FB page & committing these on-going libelous crimes against the us so we can finally face our accusers & put this harassment to rest while we can pursue legal measures. These people are implicating Chief Nelson in a crime saying he has all sorts of info on our family, so something needs to get done about this serious issue. If these criminals are falsely making reference to Nelson, then perhaps someone should figure out who is behind it, and order them to cease & desist? We need law enforcement to take a SERIOUS interest to help serve & protect our family & six children before these criminals turn to real physical violence against us, which we will hold the police accountable for if it happens....
    (cont below....)

    1. On February 27, 2012, the Kekoas received an "anonymous" death threat on Facebook from these people. The following day, February 28, 2012, Curtis went into Northglenn Police Department and reported the incident to Detective Josh Davidson, but no action was taken because the threat wasn't serious enough according to guidelines The “anonymous” harassment continues with no help or understanding from anyone, and these actions are ignored because officer Davidson called our situation “silly," saying we should simply "move on with our lives." Yet, we have tried to move on, but we cannot find employment because of the lies online, as well as the persistent attacks & false alerts with numerous "anonymous" parties lurking in our hometown. They make daily threats about looking in our backyard and make references to "harmful accidents & death" happening to our children while they play outside. We have seen several of these suspects driving by our home in the past couple months indicating they are now stalking us, so please tell me how we are suppose to move on with our lives while living in constant fear and intimidation?
      (Kimberly Kay Bowman has also confessed to a conspiracy with these criminals and was involved in the abductions of Jessica Ridgeway from Oct 2012 & Dylan Redwine from Nov 2012).

      The local Police Department and Adams County Social Services are well aware of our situation , but no action has been taken in our defense. After receiving a death threat late February, our last attempt to seek help from law enforcement was on April 18, 2012. Curtis went into Northglenn Police Department to file another report for online harassment, criminal conspiracy and web libel. Officer A. Waltz filed the Case Report # 15CN12001721 and forwarded it on to Detective J. Davidson.

      On April 19, 2012, Northglenn Police sent two officers to our home for another “welfare check” on our children, citing that the person who called wanted to remain “anonymous.” Again, after speaking with our children privately, the officers quickly determine that the children are happy and unharmed, concluding this is ANOTHER false report, yet no action has been taken against our accusers for abusing the system. Police Officer S. Thomas gave us this Case Report # 13124 (event ID)...

    2. Senate Bill 102 would repeal Colorado Revised Statute 13-13-105 which states, but our case is exceptional and needs prompt assistance before this takes effect on September 1, 2012.
      “A person who shall knowingly publish or disseminate, either by written instrument, sign, pictures, or the like, any statement or object tending to blacken the memory of one who is dead, or to impeach the honesty, integrity, virtue, or reputation or expose the natural defects of one who is alive, and thereby to expose him to public hatred, contempt, or ridicule, commits criminal libel. It shall be an affirmative defense that the publication was true, except libels tending to blacken the memory of the dead and libels tending to expose the natural defects of the living. Criminal libel is a class 6 felony.”

      Lastly, we are going to the media with this scandal involving those behind this FB page & others because we know several people who are directly involved. We currently have a freelance journalist investigating this story, and we are prepared to name the names of ALL guilty parties involved, including any negligence or failure to respond from local law enforcement. And although we aren’t experts in the law or computer forensics, we've compiled a “mountain of evidence” supporting our claims over the months, evidence we believe any set of skilled detectives will have an easy time understanding once presented.

      Thank you for your time and consideration in this important matter that not only affects our family, but other families in the City of Northglenn & Thornton as well.
      Sincerely yours,
      Please contact us with any further question,
      Curtis and Danielle Kekoa
      Homeschooling parents of six

      (Copy of letter posted on Bob Enyart’s Troll Hate Page against the Kekoas:

  21. Apparently Kimberly Kay Bowman & "pastor" Bob Enyart doesn't like us using our "free-speech" to expose him so they sent in their favorite troll ID
    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 11:17 AM, Kirk Z Bob TROLL wrote to Dani Kekoa:
    "Just for that I will be driving by your house recording videos to send to CPS! Try not to get too paranoid when you look out the window!"

    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 1:56 PM, Kirk Z Bob Troll wrote:
    "On behalf of the "small foreign faction" of Shadow Gov, I have been authorized to make the following offer to the Kekoa family:

    If the Kekoa family agrees to 1) Have no more contact with members of Denver Bible Church 2) Agrees to stop posting anything online or distributing materials in public about members of DBC and 3) Refrains from filing false reports to law enforcement agencies about members of DBC, members of DBC will agree to end all surveillance of and all contact with the Kekoa family.

    What do you think?"


    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 2:07 PM, Dani Kekoa wrote:
    "NO DEAL! On behalf of the "Small Foreign Faction" of TRUTH and the homeschooling pothead parents of six we decline your pathetic offer and request your immediate beheading....So "behalf" your head already - Here's an example attached - What do you think? Ask Doug to do it like he cut Jessica Ridgeway's head off.


  22. On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 12:47 PM, Scott Bowman wrote:
    "Oh look, it is the BIG RAG CUNT & HER PINAPPLE EATING, PUSSY HUSBAND at it again. You sick FUCKS should kill yourselves because you are both so pathetic!"

    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 1:36 PM, ScottBowman wrote:
    "You know nothing about us or our situations, so go back to your drug fest orgies with all that strange dick in your nasty CUNT, and then the boy molester, Curtis, can go molest little boys while you are getting your gang bang on!"

    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 1:58 PM, Dani Kekoa wrote:

    And I know a whole LOT about you BOWMANS. I know Kim still looks fat as hell after having her tummy stapled. I know you guys are tweaking off of meth. I know you got evicted. I know Scott lost his job. I know you were on the news for exploiting missing & dead children. I know you threatened Rita. I know you conspired with a convicted child abuser. I know you're STILL exploiting Dylan Redwine and pointing fingers at Mark. And I KNOW the FBI is watching your EVERY. SINGLE. MOVE.


    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 2:31 PM, ScottBoman wrote:
    "We still waiting on the FBI ! Please send them right over after they take your kids away from you sick twisted retarded FUCKS! Your moms should have aborted your skanky CUNT, and your child molesting husband."

    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 2:34 PM, ScottBowman wrote:
    "If the Bowmans were on so much meth, then how can they be fat also? You dumb CUNT!"

    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 2:46 PM, Dani Kekoa wrote:
    STILL WAITING for the FBI? US TOO....Isn't the suspense killing you?
    Can't wait to see you slaughtered like the swine you are.....great visions of these dance in my head.

    And Kim - thanks for telling us that your husband, Scott is a child-molester.....explains why you wanted to get custody of those sweet girls..."


    On Jun 1, 2013 4:28 PM, "Kirk Z Bob TROLL" wrote:
    "You'll never see me coming. I might be the Fed Ex, UPS or mailman. Or a motorist in distress. Or, better yet, an IRS agent looking to audit your taxes....The IRS doesn't look kindly on homeschooling parents!"


    On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 5:46 PM, Dani Kekoa wrote:
    "You'll never see me coming..." - HA!

    Yeah I bet...That's what all those prostitutes said about Bob when he couldn't get up his "small foreign faction" genitalia right before he killed them to fulfill his perverse fantasies. That's why he had to go rape & murder little girls and use paint brush handles as objects for penetration...because he obviously has a castrated cock & he's a sucker. Even Doug McBurney is a pussy with spectacles and he's been Bob's back-end receiver for decades with no nut to bust. :-\

    Maybe if you weren't such an impotent piece of shit "Kirk" your chill wind in the night fantasy might be suitable for a children's horror novel, but you're weak and we dominate your crumbling kingdom.


    ~ Dani
    X-Pose the TRUTH

    BTW "Kirk" Don't forget to THANK GOD FOR THE PATRIOT ACT....Email is now considered a legal document and can be tapped into if there is a suspicion of criminal activity and domestic terrorist threats.

  23. For over a year now Facebook has censored our "free-speech" and removed anything mentioning Kimberly Kay Bowman....

    Below are some recent snap-shots of the Kim Kay Konspiracy...and the cover-up as FB facilitates her criminal behavior.

    5-30-13 -- Facebook REMOVED - Kimberly Kay Bowman Drug Abuse Addictions

    5-30-13 -- Why KKB Why? - Kims Troll FB page - Considerate Sob comments Dylan Redwine

    5-31-13 -- FB The Truth About Trolls - HOG ROAST Kimberly Kay Bowman Trolls BPD Krazy- Find Missing Dylan Redwine - Kay Wherever Jonbenet Ramsey Jessica Ridgeway

    5-31-13 -- FBI CBI - Facebook Removed - Kimberly Kay Bowman - Find Missing Dylan Redwine

    6-1-13 -- FACEBOOK REMOVED - HURRY READ THIS... AGAIN - Open Letter to Chief Nelson ThorntonPD ONE YEAR LATER - Bob Enyart - Kim Kay Bowman Troll Hate Pages

    6-1-13 -- KIMBERLY BACON BOWMAN Facebook Removed - Why KKB Why? Troll Page

    ATTENTION FACEBOOK - BEFORE YOU BAN US AGAIN for mentioning KIMBERLY KAY BOWMAN...In order to Find Missing Dylan Redwine PLEASE VISIT THESE SUSPECTED TROLL PAGES KIM & The SHADOWGOV CYBER-ASSASSINS RUN - As history has proven....CRIMINALS ALWAYS return to the scene of the crime. And the SIGNATURE of GUILT with these CRIMINALS is how loud they protest and project their perversion onto their victims. These are a tiny few TROLL PAGES starting with The Truth About Trolls | Why KKB Why? | Calling Mark Redwine | Dylan Redwine Strategic Planned Search Activities | Dylan Redwine Warriors | Collective & Objective Voice of Reason for Dylan Redwine | The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - "A place to identify the trolls, "uglies", stalkers, evil-doers, con artists, antagonizers, exploiters, and all around wastes of space." | The Doctors - Let's Get to the Heart/Truth of the Matter - "We have had it with people suppressing the truth! We are fed up with everyone hiding from reality! We have had enough of people who lie for their own personal gain. It is time to get to the heart of the matter, to the truth."

    Says KIM the queen TROLL....

    ~ ANY QUESTIONS? Before you remove this TRUTH Facebook - Tell us how this violated your polices!




    DOB 1-10-59 | Social Security # 152-60-4382 | FBI # 678532LA7 | CO License # CO368941



    Watch videos "pro-life" cult leader Bob Enyart (the inadequate little bitch serial killer) can't do a thing about here: BOB ENYART LIES PLAYLIST

    Google "Bob Enyart 666 Arrest Record" & "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note"


  25. GOT PROOF? PersonhoodUSA X-Posed - LISTEN to this recording with Westminster PD from TWO YEARS AGO proving that the leaders in the PersonhoodUSA movement are VIOLENT CRIMINALS & FRAUDS who are continuing to organize high-profile Satanic crime all across Colorado. Less than two months after this interview, Jessica Ridgeway was abducted and murdered, and now history is repeating itself as these criminals are currently involved in a conspiracy against Mark Redwine, father of Dylan Redwine who was also abducted and murdered by the same ShadowGov organization that murdered JonBenet Ramsey and Jessica Ridgeway.


    *Watch here (over 1 full hour of PROOF) 2012-07-16 | Westminster PD: PROOF PersonhoodUSA Keith & Jennifer Mason, "Pastor" Bob Enyart & Kimberly Kay Bowman = CRIMINALS & FRAUDS" =>

    Contact Westminster PD Detective Dave Galbraith 303-658-4234 and ask him to follow up on this info...


    For more TRUTH X-Posed about *The Kult of Konspiracy* visit:


NO TROLLS ALLOWED - Comments will be moderated - Remember, it's always a good idea to tell the TRUTH....